Image shows - We can learn a lot about Tone of Voice from a cheese counter.

What does cheese have to teach us about tone of voice?

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou, 1928 – 2014

In our world, we devote lots of time and energy to nailing down brand tone of voice. It might sound like ‘marketing speak' but getting tone of voice right really can supercharge your marketing.

Imagine a cheese counter. Now focus on the cheddar. Chances are there is a workhorse cheddar in the selection. A solid, chunk of cheese that you know will taste like cheddar.

Then cheese royalty catches your eye. The logo has a picture of a cow grazing in one of England’s green pastures. The label names the valley, the farm, and the farmer.

It might even say something witty about the cow’s name and favourite field.

Everything about the way this cheese is packaged and described makes you feel you would be buying a slice of that bucolic lifestyle.

Doesn’t it just look and sound tastier?

Obviously, whoever produces this cheddar can charge far more for their cheese.

Why? Because they have created a tone of voice for their brand that speaks to you – without them having to utter a word.

Their design and product description tells a story. The story they want you to read so that you feel you know – and trust their company.

Which makes you more likely to buy their cheese, whatever the price.

That is tone of voice. It is speaking without saying a word out loud.

It is the people and personality of your brand shining through what you write and design.

Getting tone of voice right means your marketing message will be cohesive and consistent.

Which means customers will trust you. It might even mean you can charge more for your services, products or cheese (delete as appropriate).

So, the next time someone in marketing mentions ‘tone of voice’, stifle your eye roll, smile and say, “Cheese!”

How do you know if you have really licked a brand’s tone of voice?
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Image shows - Oak Creatives co-founders and directors, Sian Lewis and Saskia Snel.

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