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How web traffic trends are transforming website design

The way we look at websites is changing. How can you make sure your website is easy to use and as effective as possible?

Apparently I am a website dinosaur. I still surf the internet (is that even how you say it any more?) on my laptop.

I am in the minority.

In 2009, just 0.7% of people looked at websites on their phone.

Time travel nine years to 2018 and that figure has rocketed to 52.2%.

Just to be clear that means that all over the world, more than half of all web traffic happens via a mobile phone, tablet or ‘phablet’. That’s the love child of a phone and a tablet for those lucky enough not to know. It’s not a word I plan to use often.

Joking aside, this transformation in web traffic trends has clear, concrete ramifications for website design.

If you want your website to work it needs to be designed for a mobile phone and stretched for larger screens. Not carefully created in all its 17” glory, then shrunk to fit a small screen.

Up until a year ago, ‘responsive’ websites were the future. They had fancy ways of making the design change to look good on a small screen.

But in 2018, Google decided that wasn’t enough. They now rank websites based on a ‘mobile-first’ index.

What does this mean for your new website?

You need to get all Marie Kondo on your content

Your company brainstorm has yielded a monsoon of ideas. But in true Ms. Kondo fashion, if it doesn't ‘spark joy' then it needs to remain in the ideas pile and not enter the domain of your website.

Plan exactly what you want your website to do, how you want people to react to it and what you want them to do after visiting. Only keep what ticks all the boxes.

Fonts are front and centre

The right font will convey your company’s personality as effectively as any page of copy.

A picture tells a thousand words

And we mean one picture - on its lonesome. To avoid forcing your website users to scroll through endless rolls of images, choosing the right image to convey your message is vital.

Does all of this sound a bit brain-melting? Then get in touch us. The Oak Creatives team know what works – and what doesn’t – when it comes to website concepts, design, and content.

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